Tailor-made analysis is the key to success on the home shopping channel

The right, tailor-made analysis is the key to your business. The resulting package of measures usually leads to success. This distribution channel requires other actions than in classical retail. The first step is to provide the right analysis. This analysis is a multi-dimensional analysis, so that the right measures and recommendations can be developed. The package is tailor-made for you, your products and brands. And the exciting thing about it is that the concept will then also fit exactly to the appropriate network. This will ensure that your chances are ectremely good, right from the start. Category (landscape analysis*) Content and price. Localisation of brand values and conditions.


What is so special about your brand/products


How does the brand fit into the company?


Positioning before and after the kick off.


Rotation: How often should the brand appear to build the customer group.


Optimisation of sales data and analysis of airtime is a decisive factor. Evaluation of customer reaction and quality circle process. Productivity is achieved.



‘Product landscape’ does not only refer to the final position of the product, but also the surroundings in which it is offered. In addition, MMID’s specialists look at similar or comparable products with the same structure, specifications or materials for inspiration. A good understanding of the market is important to define a strategy. Based on market research and analysis of competitors insight is gained into the environment of the product. Where exactly are the products? How do they move in the market, and how does this compare to the competitors? MMID captures how the brand and the product are positioned in the current and future market.